Shelia S.

“I’m really not a person that does reviews, But, I can’t tell you how much I highly recommend DR. HASTINGS and his “OUTSTANDING STAFF” I spent 6 months researching Podiatrist in Virginia, as I needed to have a surgery done to actually fix a botched surgery from over 20 years ago. I had scar tissue that was fairly significant from the old surgery so this was not going to be easy. I thought I would have to go to a larger city in VA. to have an exceptional doctor tackle this surgery. I narrowed my search down to 2 doctors and had initial visits with them. However, I then received a recommendation from a trusted friend who is an RN on Doctor Hastings. I checked Dr. Hastings credentials and they were impressive. I live in Virginia Beach and had to drive to Suffolk for the appointment, well it was a drive worth my time!! After getting x-rays, Dr. Hastings spent 45 minutes with me (unheard of these days), and visually explained my options in laymen’s terms. I had the surgery done, and all went perfectly. My surgery was in Oct, I had physical therapy in Dec and Jan and had full mobility and no residual swelling by the end of Jan. I am going to have my other problem foot done this year with absolute confidence I will have a great outcome:-) I’ll be sure to report back”