Carolyn M.

“Dr. Heather McKenzie is responsible for me having a right foot and being able to walk. Surgery from another doctor had gone wrong. I had years of therapy, sometimes 7 days a week. My foot was getting worse. Dr. McKenzie, with her concern and caring used resources available. She use all medical sources, but above all, she cared and didn’t give up.

I never felt I had to wait for the next appointment if there was a problem. Below are a few sentences trying to sum this up:

  • Dr. McKenzie has a real concern for the whole patient; reassurance and using less painful procedures help.
  • The use of all resources, far and wide.
  • Close follow-up and attention to the smallest detail with a foot like mine was crucial.
  • I have never met a doctor with this degree of concern and caring.

Thank you Dr. McKenzie”